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PCS engages and supports every student in inclusive college preparatory learning that ignites curiosity, critical thinking, and innovation, while developing resilient, globally-minded, socially responsible changemakers.


PCS inspires students to discover the interests, purpose, and passion that will enable them to thrive. We cultivate a love of learning within a community of care, advancing and celebrating diversity, equity, and inclusion. Students explore and excel through academically rich and culturally relevant learning, integrated with visual and performing arts and world languages. Our exemplary college preparatory curriculum empowers all students to be creative problem-solvers, effective collaborators, and engaged leaders of today and tomorrow.


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Inclusion and Belonging

fostering and maintaining an inclusive and anti-racist school culture that welcomes, supports, and celebrates all members of our diverse community.

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creating and nurturing supportive relationships among students, families, teachers, staff, Board members, volunteers, and community partners.

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encouraging innovation, self-expression, and expansive thinking.

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pursuing academic excellence, whole student development, and intellectual curiosity.

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reflecting the importance of honesty, ethics, openness and respect.

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fostering a sense of mutual care and active engagement in our school, local, and global communities.

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demonstrating personal and institutional responsibility for student learning, ethical conduct, and our shared vision, including through meaningful stakeholder engagement.