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The Pacific Collegiate School curriculum inspires students to become globally minded scholars. Our curriculum focuses on core subjects like math, English, science, and history, while also emphasizing world languages, fine arts, and community service. We believe in challenging our students through Advanced Placement (AP) classes, which are an integral part of our curriculum.

All students at PCS engage in a rigorous college-prep curriculum. We have inspiring teachers and classes, and a vast array of strategies and systems to provide what each student needs to support their success. We provide every student access to individualized help during or after after school, and opportunities for accelerated learning.

We value diversity and equity, and strive to reflect that in our curriculum. Our classes are infused with culturally-relevant and justice-centered course work. We continuously review and update our lessons to amplify the voices of underrepresented minorities and cultivate critical thinking skills that empower students to excel in a diverse and global society. 

Our Approach


English is an exciting journey through timeless literature, where students develop critical thinking, a passion for reading and writing, and discover fascinating connections through a tapestry of literary allusions across different genres and time periods.

2024-2025 PCS Curriculum Guide

Guía del plan de estudios de PCS 2024-2025

Course Prerequisites