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Canvas is an online learning management system (LMS) that connects teachers and students in and out of the classroom.

For Students

Students can access documents, assignments, and grades, and submit assignments. Additionally, they can interact with other students and their teachers through private messaging or discussion forums.

Students access Canvas through their Google accounts. If you are currently logged into a different Google account, log out and log back in with your account. For instructions on setting up your student account on Canvas, see Canvas for Students at PCS.

For Parents

As a parent you will have an ‘observer’ role. In this role, you will be able to view and read announcements, view the assignments index page, view the calendar, send messages to the instructor and student you are observing, view the syllabus, view modules and see due dates, point values, etc., view grades of the student you are observing and filter, view scores and dates, print grades, and more. Infinite Campus will still be used to check attendance, update contact information and view transcripts. For instructions on registering and logging in, see Canvas for Parents at PCS.