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Joining a club is an excellent way to meet new people, explore your interests and get involved in the PCS community.

As clubs are formed throughout the year, they will be listed on this page. Each club must have an approved Start a Club/Annual GAFAA (Group Activities and Fundraising Authorization Application) on file before convening or engaging in any activities.

Our clubs are driven by student interest. If you don’t see a club that interests you, start a new club! 

See a list of clubs that have been active in the past, but may not be currently approved. 

Approved Clubs for 2023-24

Amnesty International

Student Leader: Arie McNeil

Faculty Advisor: Devon Lincoln

Location/Time: Ms. Lincoln's Classroom, Day TBD @ Lunch

Badminton Club; The Shuttle Society

Student Leaders: Zadie Perera, Theo Cartsonis, Aaron Chan
Faculty Advisor: Trung Lai
Location/Time: Gateway Gym, Sundays, 9am-12pm

Banned Books Club

Student Leaders: Ava Carson, Kira Valles-Knoll

Faculty Advisor: Christine DeCaporale

Location/Time: Ms. DeCaporale's room (#213), Thursdays @ lunch

Beatmakers Club

Student Leaders: John Paul Lee

Faculty Advisor: Wayne Conley

Location/Time: Room 221, Tuesdays & Thursdays @ lunch

Bio-medical Engineering Club

Student Leaders: Sequioa Harpersberger, Karen Fuentes

Faculty Advisor: Samantha Janisse

Location/Time: Ms. Janisse's Room, TBD @ Lunch

BIPOC Unity Group

Student Leaders: Eleanore Schwarzmann, Zadie Perera

Faculty Advisor: Aliyya Hatcher

Location/Time: Drama Room (#127), Thursdays @ lunch

Black Student Union

Student Leader: Sarah Morton, Eva Pelletier

Faculty Advisor: Aliyya Hatcher

Location/Time: Room 223, Fridays @ lunch

Book Club

Student Leaders: KK Htay, Nevada Biddison

Faculty Advisor: Emily Klein

Location/Time: Room TBD, Wednesdays @ Lunch, 2x/month

Disabled Student Union

Student Leaders: Marlene Burgess

Faculty Advisor: Devon Lincoln

Location/Time: Ms. Lincoln's Room (#215), Thursdays @ Lunch

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Student Leaders: Alexandra Myers, Hunter Coomes

Faculty Advisor:  Chris Marentette

Location/Time: Ms. Marentette’s classroom (#225), Thursdays 3:40 - 5:45

Eco Club

Student Leaders: Kira Valles-Knoll, Meris Childs

Faculty Advisor: Kyle Walters

Location/Time: Mr. Walters room (#255), Fridays @ lunch

Electric Guitar Club

Student Leaders: James Cooper Queen

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ruckle

Location/Time: Music Room, Wednesdays @ lunch

Environmental Volunteer Community (EVC)

Student Leaders: Ronja McArthur

Faculty Advisor: Kyle Walters

Location/Time: Mr. Walter's Room (#255), 1-2x/month

Ethics Club

Student Leaders: Ella Nielsen

Faculty Advisor: Andrea Roth

Location/Time: Location TBD, Wednesdays 3:40-5:00pm

Fusion Dance Company

Student Leaders: Keya Patel

Faculty Advisor: Tara Firenzi

Location/Time: Dance/Drama room (#214), weekday mornings

Games Club

Student Leader: Ryder Martin

Faculty Advisor: Bill Koens

Location/Time: Room 121, lunch every day and Fridays after school

Garden Club

Student Leaders: Dylan Childs

Club Advisors: Pete Rode, Michael Molino

Location/Time: TBD

Latinx Hispanic Student Union

Student Leaders: Jazmin Alvarez McMahon, Karen Fuentes

Faculty Advisor: Sofia Ramirez

Location/Time: Homeroom, Student Center

Magic: The Gathering

Student Leaders: JoJoe Arthur, Luck Winkler

Faculty Advisor: Jen Arthur

Location/Time: Ms. Arthur's Room (#115), Wednesdays @ Lunch

Math Club

Student Leaders: Rosa Paten

Faculty Advisor: Trung Lai

Location/Time: Room 116, Fridays @ Lunch

Mock Trial

Student Leaders: Sienna Stinson, Sierra Fong

Faculty Advisor: Devon Lincoln

Location/Time:  Ms. Lincoln’s Room, Wednesdays 3:45pm-5:00pm

Model United Nations

Student Leaders: Anais Huet, Rosa Paten, Henry Solomon, Aubrey Fessenden

Faculty Advisor:  Jessica Williams

Location/Time: Ms. Williams’s classroom, Thursdays after school

Mountain Bike Club

Student Leaders: Finnian Levy, Benson Young, Junaid Shafi

Faculty Advisor: Wayne Conley

Location/Time: Thursdays @ 3:35pm-6:00pm

Philosophy Club

Student Leaders: Abigail Goodman, Zoe Huet, Daphne Bingham

Faculty Advisor: Jessica Williams

Location/Time: Ms. William’s room, Tuesdays @ lunch

Photography Club

Student Leaders: Henry Mateja

Faculty Advisor: Ken Alley

Location/Time: Mr. Alley’s room; Day TBD @ Lunch

Queer Intersectional Alliance (QIA)

Student Leaders: Hunter Coomes, Cadence Johnson Swalve

Faculty Advisor: Andrea Roth, Alexa Jobe

Location/Time: Room 233, Thursdays @ Lunch

Sailing & Ocean Awareness Club

Student Leaders: Spencer Koontz, Arie McNeil

Faculty Advisor: Andy Gersh

Location/Time: Mr. Gersh's Room (#132), Lunch, 1x/month

Self Defense

Student Leader: Helena Wimboeck

Faculty Advisor: Chris Marentette

Location/Time: Location TBD, Tuesdays @Lunch

Surf Club

Student Leaders: Sasha Rothweil, Kai van Huyssteen

Faculty Advisor: Randy Garrett

Location/Time:  Mr. Garrett’s classroom, TBD @ lunch

Table Tennis

Student Leaders: Owen Thorpe, Neelie Fisher, Pakal Gonzalez-Montejano

Faculty Advisor: Chris Marentette

Location/Time: Ms. Marentette's room, Fridays @ lunch

HS Ultimate Disc Club

Student Leaders: TBD

Coach: Robert Clark

Location/Time: Natural Bridges State Park Beach; Gateway School Field, Tues/Thurs 4-6:00 pm

Student Government

Student Leaders: Aster Usher, Meris Childs

Faculty Advisor: Trung Lai

Location/Time: Student Center, Wednesdays @ 3:30-5:15pm, contact the student leaders

MS Ultimate Frisbee

Student Leaders: TBD

Coach: Robert Clark

Location/Time:  Natural Bridges State Park Beach; Gateway School Field, Tues/Thurs 4-6:00pm

Thespian Society

Student Leader: Jack Driscoll-Natale

Faculty Advisor: Hunter Wallraff

Location/Time: Drama Room (#214), Wednesdays @ lunch

Transgender/Nonbinary Student Union

Student Leaders: T Humble, Amber Caldwell

Faculty Advisor: Devon Lincoln

Location/Time: Ms. Lincoln's Room (#215), Fridays @ Lunch

Yearning for Yarn

Student Leaders: Zadie Perera, Jackson Tarbox, T Humble

Club Advisor: Andrea Roth

Location/Time: Ms. Roth's Room (#233), Wednesdays @ Lunch

Writing Club

Student Leader: Zoe Huet

Faculty Advisor: Devon Lincoln

Location/Time: Ms. Lincoln’s Classroom, Wednesdays @ Lunch